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sand casting

hot since 1908

Melins Metall AB is a family-owned company that works with aluminium sand casting. We offer a complete solution, from initial drawing to finished product. We have the capacity to cast products up to 1500 kg and we can assist with post-processing. The company attaches great importance to rapid decision-making and strict delivery assurance, resulting in effective collaboration that saves both time and money.

The capacity to
cast up to 1500 kg!

metall maskin
Metall närbild

MODERN production based on traditional technology

Our primary production area is aluminium sand casting. We use recycled aluminium with a firm focus on sustainable environmental thinking. Although a great deal of traditional technology is still used, many years of continuous modernisation have led to a production system that is far more efficient than was ever thought possible in the past. A robotised moulding line ensures a high production rate, eliminates the most arduous elements and contributes to a better work environment. The outcome is an operating base where the benefits of manual technology are retained whilst a modern production facility ensures consistently high throughput. Apart from aluminium sand casting we also offer kirksite tooling.













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Do you require hardening
on a contract basis?

If increased hardness and strength are required, we provide continuous hardening of aluminium alloys. We also offer centrifugal blasting.

Genuine  craftsmanship

Aluminium sand casting is an old and tried and tested technique that still requires a good deal of solid craftsmanship.


Even if things have changed dramatically during the hundred years and more that Melins Metall has been working with sand casting, a number of the manual elements still live on. Sand casting is particularly well-suited to production prototypes where there is a need to test materials and moulds as part of a flexible process.


Sand casting in a variety of alloys offers considerable freedom of design and is a cost-effective means of manufacturing specially adapted products. Sand casting is ideally suited to small-run production of
machine parts and components.


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Delusions of grandeur?

Definitely not.

But we would go as far as to say that we can cast almost any dimensions. Regardless of whether it involves a single prototype or a large production run, sand casting is particularly suitable when a task proves challenging.


We may never have attempted to cast a life-sized elephant but we do have experience of casting products up to 7 metres in length. We can also handle parts weighing up to 1.5 tonnes. Our spacious production facility and large smelting furnaces allow us to cast products that many other companies would consider far too difficult due to the size. This makes us highly competitive, particularly in projects that involve medium-volume production runs.

We're not afraid to step up the pace

We guarantee on-time delivery and a rapid response in current projects. Regardless of the type of project, we endeavour in every instance to work as efficiently and effectively as possible. Located in the heart of the industry-dense Gnosjö region in Småland, we have customers throughout the country. Our projects are often subject to a tight schedule, which requires close collaboration with the customer. With short lead times and proximity to production, we can provide the customer with status reports on current projects, ensuring that the products are always ready on time.

As a sub-contractor, we frequently deliver products that then need to be forwarded by our customers. This makes assured delivery particularly important, allowing the product to reach the end-customer without any delays. This is one of the reasons why we prioritise rapid decision-making and first-rate delivery assurance. We aim to be a dependable supplier to our customers and in doing so establish effective collaboration that saves both time and money for all concerned.

We like to see that you have problems

Because we have a whole range of solutions. In the majority of our projects, much of the work involves finding an optimal solution.


Problem-solving is thus an extremely important part of the work process. Our long experience of sand casting has resulted in vital problem-solving expertise. We are only too happy to be involved in a project at an early stage to ensure the work proceeds in line with the customer's wishes – from initial drawing to finished product.


The flexibility of sand casting allows us to offer more advanced procedures. This could involve incorporating electrical components into a cast or making a cast of an engraving or a particular decorative feature. Regardless of the nature of the product or problem, we always relish the thought of taking on new and exciting challenges.

Quality, natural environment &
work environment

Constantly improving and developing our operations is an integral part of our day-to-day work and is one of our main strengths. We constantly endeavour to find sustainable working methods. The way we work not only ensures a good work environment, it also helps to conserve our natural environment.


We assume responsibility and we are certified
according to the following:

  • > Quality system SS-EN ISO 9001:2015

    One of our objectives is to be known and respected for delivering the correct level of quality. This strategic undertaking is applicable throughout the company and covers all staff categories.

    The quality of the products and services that the company markets, manufactures and supplies should be such that they satisfy the customer's agreed needs and expectations as well as legal requirements. This is assured through ongoing improvement, active quality management and continuous measurement of established objectives.

    > Quality  certificate

  • > Environmental management SS-EN ISO 14001:2015

    Melins Metall AB and its entire workforce make every effort to mitigate the environmental impact of the products manufactured by the company.

    Compliance with the Environmental Policy entails

    – satisfying current legal stipulations and other requirements related to the environment and constantly improving our environmental programme through established environmental objectives.

    – building up and maintaining a good level of expertise in environmental issues among  our employees.

    – sorting waste and minimising waste volumes.

    – assessing our suppliers' products and services and switching to environmentally friendly  alternatives where possible to prevent pollution.

    – minimising the use of chemicals and switching to environmentally friendly alternatives  where possible.

    – carrying on operations that reflect a high degree of environmental awareness.

    This policy should be understood and embraced by the whole organisation and be available to the general public and all parties who work for us on contract.

    > Environmental certificate

  • > Systematic Work Environment Management AFS 2001:1

    Melins Metall AB should endeavour to create a good work environment in order to assure and improve the employees' mental and physical health and to recruit and retain skilled, knowledgeable personnel.

    It is in the company's interests that

    – the work environment programme is an integral part of current operations.

    – the work environment is not only safe but also pleasant and stimulating for employees.

    – a good level of operational quality and a good financial status are maintained along with  our excellent work environment.

    > Work environment certificate

 sand casting

hot since 1908

Metall Chilli

Even if the current product range at Melins Metall is hot to say the least, it has always involved metal casting. When it comes to sand casting we have more than 100 years' experience – not a bad starting point!


Melins Metall AB is a family-owned company that has worked with sand casting since the beginning of the last century. It all began with the founder, Johan August Andreasson-Melin, setting up a company in the village of Anderstorp in Småland to manufacture bells, window fittings, tin snuff boxes and other products. The company continued to operate and develop, generation after generation, throughout the 20th century. Manufacturing included everything from toys to number plates in the 1920s before switching in the 1930s to cast goods made according to order, based on a series of drawings and models and involving a variety of aluminium alloys. In recent years garden furniture was also incorporated into the range.

Even if the principal manufacturing base is varied, the company has evolved continuously in line with developments in sand-casting technology. Investment in machinery and a more specialised range of products has resulted in the foundry moving from pure artisanal handicraft to the modern, innovative company it is today. Production mainly comprises contract production of sand-cast aluminium parts although a great deal of the genuine craftsmanship from when the company was first founded still lives on. Operations nowadays are largely characterised by rapid delivery and problem-solving, making us an efficient, dependable supplier of sand-cast products.

Involvement from start
to finish

We also offer continuous hardening of aluminium alloys. Feel free to contact us for more information about our hardening furnaces.

We can offer close collaboration even at the design phase of a project.


If necessary, we can produce a prototype to ensure products are manufactured entirely in line with the customer's wishes. We assure quality and sustainability throughout the whole production process and deliver the desired finished product – processed and complete.


If increased hardness and strength are required, we provide hardening of large and small products in our hardening furnace, which is 2000 x 1500 x 1500 mm in size. After hardening, the products are checked carefully using a hardness tester.



In order to deliver a finished product, we offer different forms of processing. Centrifugal blasting is just one of the post-treatment processes available on site. Blasting takes place using stainless steel balls and provides an excellent surface finish, removing burrs and other irregularities.


Kirksite tooling

Apart from aluminium casting we also offer kirksite tooling. By casting in zinc, we can provide a cost-effective alternative for producing metal-pressing tools. Maximum 10 tonnes per half.




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Jan Hellquist

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pia Hellquist

Administration, Finance manager

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Production Manager

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Marketing Manager, Finance manager

Operation System Coordinator


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Feel free to contact us if you would like a quotation or if you have any questions about our company.


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